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Eric Glaser

Eric Glaser

Colorado Springs, CO


" The mountains are calling and I must go. "

-- John Muir

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The Helix Nebula 2 by NASA


A Look In Infrared at the Helix Nebula by NASA


The Small Magellanic Cloud by NASA


Cygnus-X The Cool Swan Glowing in Flight by NASA


Spiral galaxy NGC 1232 by NASA


The Rose of Galaxies by NASA


The Whirlpool Galaxy by NASA


The Horsehead Nebula by NASA


Starry Starry Light by NASA


Thors Helmet Nebula by NASA


The Crab Nebula by NASA


The Great Nebula in Carina by NASA


The Pillars of Creation by NASA


The Butterfly Nebula by NASA


A Galactic Get-Together by NASA


Inside the Flame Nebula by NASA


The Crab Nebula as Seen by Herschel and Hubble by NASA


Chaos at the Heart of Orion by NASA


In Saturn's Shadow by NASA


A Splendor Seldom Seen by NASA


On the Final Frontier by NASA


Herschel's View of the Horsehead Nebula by NASA


The Twisted Shockwaves of an Exploded Star by NASA


NGC 2392 The Eskimo Nebula by NASA


Celebrating Hubble's 25th Anniversary by NASA


Hubble 25 - A Special 25th Anniversary Montage 1 by NASA


Hubble 25 - A Special 25th Anniversary Montage 2 by NASA


New View of the Pillars of Creation - Infrared by NASA


Hubble's View Of N90 Star-Forming Region by NASA


Hubble's 24th Birthday Snap Of Monkey Head Nebula by NASA


Hubble Captures Spectacular Landscape in the Carina Nebula by NASA


Pluto Dazzles in False Color by NASA


Pluto Dazzles in False Color - Square Crop by NASA


Pluto and Charon by NASA


Psychedelic Pluto by NASA


Pluto's Haze in Bands of Blue by NASA


Neptune on Triton's Horizon by NASA


Neptune and Triton by NASA


First Light for the Solar Dynamics Observatory by NASA


The Tortured Clouds of Eta Carinae by NASA


Stars Adorn Orion's Sword by NASA


Celebrating Twelve Years of Spitzer Images by NASA


A Surprising Superbubble by NASA


R136 by NASA


Fine Shades of a Sombrero by NASA


The Sombrero Galaxy by NASA


The Majestic Sombrero Galaxy by NASA


Hubble Reveals the Ring Nebula's True Shape by NASA